Document Management

CRM is able to manage documents, pictures and other types of files, to be associated wih any entity

Document Management module allows you to upload files and documents, to organize them in folders and types, and above all to associate them with any other entity in the system. This allows you to use Vtiger also as a centralized document manager. It is also possible to automatically produce certain types of documents starting from previously defined templates.

Manage document and attachment
The Vtiger Documents module allows you to insert any type of document and relate it to other entities in the system.
Any documents is composed by metadata and attachments.
Store in the Cloud
With the S3 add-on module, made by e-Soft, it is possible to store documents in a cloud space.
In this way it is possible have a space for your documents at lower costs than those that would have been left on the machine (physical or virtual) on which the CRM is installed.

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