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Manage tickets and support requests

Vtiger provides tools for customer support, operators will be able to create and update tickets to report problems on products or track interventions and support activities. Using the workflows module it is also possible to automate simple ticket escalation rules and management of assistance processes at multiple help desk levels. With reporting functions, other data analysis tools and dashboards, you can create service level control systems (SLAs).

Il modulo FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), per poter rispondere con prontezza alle domande della clientela, inoltre può essere abilitato un modulo (Customer Portal) con cui si permettere a specifici clienti di visualizzare qualcuna di tali informazioni.

Il Customer Portal ed il Mail Scanner consentono l'attivazione automatica delle chiamate.

The ticket module allows you to enter the reports, to catalog them by type and severity, to assign them to whoever is responsible (user or group) and finally to indicate the solution identified.
The "Status" field (for example Open, In Progress, Awaiting Response, Closed) allows you to identify where we are in managing the problem. The "Assigned To" field allows you to route the ticket to the person or group who has the necessary skills for the solution.
In the case of reports that are repeated frequently, it is possible from the Ticket to generate a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).
It is thus possible to build a knowledge base from which to draw in order to subsequently manage problems of the same kind.
Customer Portal
It should be noted that the Tickets, in addition to being entered manually, can also be generated automatically from e-mails intercepted by the Mail Scanner, entered via the web via a specially prepared Webform, or even come from the Customer Portal add-on module.
This last module provides contacts with a dedicated web environment, with which it is possible to independently enter the Tickets (including any attachments), exchange information with those who manage them and view their status step by step until closing with the relevant solution.
The Asset module allows you to register the products supplied to customers.
Using the module, it is possible to add specific information for the individual supply, such as the serial number or serial number of the item supplied, to allow traceability and facilitate maintenance.

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