CRM is the indispensable tool for managing opportunities, offers and orders

A CRM like Vtiger makes easier the management of the sales process in all its phases, allowing better collaboration between the various company functions and giving an image of an efficient and well-organized company. Vtiger allows you to track the entire process, from the detection of an opportunity, to the formulation of an offer / quote, to the registration of the order and, if desired, of the related invoice. By tracing the sales process it is possible to have a detailed vision of the past, present and future, analyze and improve the organization, highlighting any inefficiencies and optimizing the activities of all the resources involved and increase customer satisfaction, improving relationships with them.

The opportunity is the first stage of the process, in which a possible sale is outlined: in the Opportunities we will insert the fundamental elements of our sales negotiations, and these will become Estimates when we will give a detailed offer to our potential customers.
A correct management of the negotiations with the Opportunity module (the information on the Status and the Expected Closing Date is fundamental for this purpose) allows us, in addition to recording all the actions that are carried out during the negotiation, also to have a clear picture of the trend of our business, past and forecast. Proceeding in the sales process, you will be able to have a clear view of the sales process, monitoring how many opportunities actually generate a corresponding sales order.
Products and Price Lists
It is the catalog of products and services provided by the organization
In these modules we could define the information on the sales prices of the products and services offered, possibly differentiated by price list, the taxes applied, the quantities available in stock.
Offers and quotations
With the preparation of an Estimate, we arrive at greater detail than the Opportunity, with an indication of the items proposed.
From a logical point of view, when both modules are used, in the Opportunities we will insert the fundamental elements of our sales negotiations, and these will become Estimates when we produce a detailed offer for our potential customers.
Sales orders
The registration of the Sales Order allows you to "close" the process started with the insertion of the Opportunity.
This form can be used to collect all the information necessary for the operational area to proceed with the subsequent provision of the services / products ordered.
Transport documents and invoices
Although these phases are typically the responsibility of management systems or ERP, some particularly feature-rich CRMs can provide support for these process phases as well.
In particular, e-Soft has created specific extensions for the issue of transport documents and electronic invoices.

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