Video-pills about Vtiger Open Source are now available

You can find videos about Vtiger functions on Present Spa Youtube channel
Computer con schermo acceso su canale Youtube di Present
Computer con schermo acceso su canale Youtube di Present

We're excited to announce that we'll have a lot of news this year!

First of all, we now have our playlist on Present's Youtube channel, in which we'll upload videos about Vtiger functionalities.
There will be useful tips to learn how to use the sofware or to watch again how some specific tools can be used, but also you'll learn new ways of working with your CRM.

For example, some frequently asked question are what's the difference between Leads and Contacts or what conditions you have to considerate to decide in which module you'll add a new record.

Here's your first video about Leads, Contacts, Organizations:

Videopillole Anagrafiche Lead, Contatti, Organizzazioni


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