Vtiger - ActiveCampaign integration

Integration between Vtiger and ActiveCampaign in order to limit the conditions for data passage and not exceed the contact limit!
integrazione vtiger active campaign
integrazione vtiger active campaign

We have developed an integration between Vtiger and ActiveCampaign to automate and optimize the creation of recipient lists by drawing on CRM entities, thus avoiding the need to manually enter data twice.

Vtiger manages the acquisition of new customers, while ActiveCampaign is a platform for managing customer communications and enables the initiation of email workflows through advanced automation processes.The integration is unidirectional from the CRM to the platform, allowing us to decide, on a case-by-case basis, which contacts are relevant for the marketing campaign. This way, it is possible to limit the conditions for data transfer and avoid reaching the contact limit imposed by ActiveCampaign subscription plans.

screenshot dall'integrazione

The solution, therefore, was to link ActiveCampaign Tags to Vtiger contacts. Once the integration is activated, automation flows are initiated to manage and have both systems work in the background.

The user can assign an ActiveCampaign Tag to a Vtiger contact. This triggers the flow from the CRM to the platform: only contacts assigned with tags are uploaded to ActiveCampaign. On the marketing platform the relevant flows are activated, based on the automations configured for the specific tag.

Our implementation includes the creation of a new Vtiger module for tag collection, and the addition of specific fields to the Contacts module.

screenshot dall'integrazione


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