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The main objective of a well-structured CRM system is the collection and sharing of all information about its Customers, Potential Customers and Business Partners

Effective management and good use of customer contacts are the main elements of any CRM system. Using the Vtiger CRM it is possible to configure the specific information that you want to manage according to your interest, configuring an unlimited number of fields of any type (dates, currencies, strings, single or multiple choice lists, etc.).

The Lead module is very useful for quickly collecting data on new potential customers.
A lead is in fact similar to a business card and incorporates both the references of the person and the company to which it belongs; when the lead becomes a real business opportunity, it should be "transformed" with the "Convert Lead" function. At this point we will no longer have the lead Mario Rossi but we will find ourselves: - the A.S. Rome - the Contact Mario Rossi - the "Supply A.S. Rome"
The organization files allow you to enter all information relating to companies and other organizations that you want to manage.
All pertinent information collected during the activity (visits made, offers, orders, products and / or services sold, requests for assistance, etc ...) will gradually be linked to them.
Contacts represent the natural persons with whom we have relationships, and may or may not belong to a specific Organization.
The module allows you to always have the information on your contacts at hand, by accessing the CRM via the web or by activating synchronization processes with other collaboration tools such as Google and Office 365.



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